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Compiled, designed and funded by me (no adverts or worried about being ‘tracked’, so let me introduce myself:-

Like many others, lived in the same area for some 70 years, went to the local school, served an apprenticeship, fully paid up member of the Apathy Party and generally just a local resident.

After over 40 years of serving my old local community as an electrician, it looks like I’m gonna have to concentrate on what I do best. I’m good at fault finding and resolve problems that others struggle with. Currently, I’m recovering from the stoke I suffered at the end of June 2016 which was closely followed by the diagnoses of cancer for which I’ve just completed a course of radiotherapy. Naturally, as a vacancy occurred on the borough Council, I thought I would stand for election.

Want to know more?

Relocated to the village of Wanlip (Leicestershire) in March 2016 from the market (sorry commuter) town of Berkhamsted in the Chiltern Hills (down south, you know!), so, picking up from running my own business and deciding we had been in one place for far to long, the decision was made to find somewhere similar to pre-commuter days. So far, I’ve had a stroke and been diagnosed with cancer, but you cannot keep a good man down!

My archives are still available on request and record political and social ‘happenings’ in Great Berkhamsted from 1995 to 2010+ including newsletters, articles and comment. If there is something you want to know, just get in touch.

In addition, over 1000 photos of Berkhamsted and the surrounding area including personnel ones if you know me.

I’ll do my best to find what you are looking for and post on the site. If you want a full resolution digital copy there may be a charge.

New for 2018!

In an effort to tidy things things up, I’m concentrating all my material onto one web-site - which happens to be the ‘old’ Berkhamsted site and fairly well established so:-

As usual, suggestions, complaints or requests can be put forward for action via e-mail or leave a message on 0116 267 5209. Social media etc. is way beyond my remit as we don’t track visitors and all the things that you don’t realise goes on on ‘facebook’ etc. Sorry!


Three of our shelties playing - the little one is now just 3rd in line!

Me just trying to look intelligent

Arrived recently to join the other 3 - much to their disgust!